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Oliver Queen
23 October
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Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow
Oliver Jonas Queen is the billionaire CEO of Queen Industries, who also masquerades as a heroic archer known as Green Arrow. As Green Arrow, Oliver dresses in green and commands a variety of arrows and gadgets for many forms of defense. Oliver has a nearly-lifelong rivalry with Lex Luthor which began during their time together at boarding school. He also has a complicated past with Lex Luthor's protegé, Tess Mercer.

When Ollie descended into depression after learning his parents were murdered by Lionel Luthor, he turned towards a lifestyle of girls, partying, and alcohol. He abandoned his Green Arrow duties and spent many months making the gossip pages but eventually decided to get his life back on track.

These days he's back as the Green Arrow, and he's trying to make a difference in the world once more.
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Justice League
Oliver is also the founder of a team of pro-active heroes that has gathered many metahumans together to bring down Lex Luthor. This team includes Arthur Curry (Codename: Aquaman), Victor Stone (Codename: Cyborg), Bart Allen (Codename: Impulse), Dinah Lance (Codename: Black Canary), Chloe Sullivan (Codename: Watchtower), his newfound protege/student/sidekick-in-training Mia Dearden (Speedy), and occasionally Clark Kent (codename: Boy Scout).
Oliver's Smallville Wiki Page | Green Arrow Comics History | Justin Hartley [dot] Net

I am not really Oliver Queen, nor am I the Green Arrow. I also am not Justin Hartley, and have no affiliation with him (unfortunately) or anyone involved with Smallville. I own nothing. Just for fun, blah blah blah.