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You've reached the voicemail of Oliver Queen. Please leave me a message and I'll return your call as soon as possible.

Ooc: Mun may also be reached by this post. ;)

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Logging Post. *Stickied*

If you're doing a thread in a verse we share--you know who you are--whether it be sixwordstories or a thread with another character in your LJ, etc...please leave a comment here with a link to it so I can log it. It'll be easier for me to track things this way. :D Thank you! <3

Locked to Mia

Big happy birthday wishes to my favorite archer-in-training.

SWS entry


You Are an Original Hot Chocolate

You are a faithful and tender partner. You are generous in sharing your many talents.
You are generous with your time. You believe that the best things in life don't come quickly.

You see yourself as competent, dependable, and detail oriented.
You follow and play by the rules. It's important to you to do things by the book.

Yeah, that's me. Always following the rules.

...I'm allergic to myself, apparently.

You Are Peanuts

You are a very happy person, and you think it's easy to be content. You love your life.

You have a pure, modest, and faithful soul. You are sure to do right by people.

You love to create and preserve sacred memories. You are a very nostalgic person.

You take care of yourself and those around you. You don't stretch yourself too thinly.

You Are Self-Assured

You value truth and justice. You are impartial, and you believe in treating people equally.

You are principled and conscientious. You try to behave as virtuously as possible.

You want every one of your days to mean something. You don't waste your energy on things that don't matter.

You couldn't be someone else even if you tried! You're simply you - and thank goodness for that.

Occasionaly these are actually accurate.

You Are Fired Up

You are bold, adventurous, and even brazen. You feel like the world is your oyster.

You value your time, and you treat it like it's precious. No one is allowed to waste it.

You function well with heavy work loads. You like being and staying productive.

You are direct and to the point. You rather not waste time with small talk.

SWS Post.


Yeah. Accurate.

You Are a Movie

You like to see immediate results for your efforts. You are an impatient person.

You are a very visual person. You feel that there are many things that can't be put into words.

You tend to think big. It's hard to stay motivated if a project is too small.

You live in the moment because you know that it's really all you have.

Chloe Sullivan -- chloeas
Cissie King-Jones -- alwaysanarcher
Hal Jordan -- viridian_knight
Harley Quinn -- rev_up_harley
Lois Lane -- loistheintrepid
Mia Dearden -- speedstergrl5
Oliver Queen -- dl_greenarrow
Selina Kyle -- felinefetale
Tess Mercer -- lutessamercer

* * *

Verse description here.

Have a character you think would fit in well with the verse? Drop me a line here and or send me a PM and we can talk :D


So apparently Facebook finally caught onto us. Oliver's facebook account was disabled today, as was chloeas and Zatanna's and a couple of other people we RP with. Just an FYI for anyone who interacted/followed us there. :(


Jul. 11th, 2011

You Are a Lion

You're very self-reliant and apt to do your own thing. You know what you want out of life.

You are a total visionary. You have your own idea about utopia, as impractical as it may be.

You have sharp senses and a heightened awareness. Very little escapes your notice.

Decision making is easy for you. You have a spot on intuition that's been with you your whole life.


Originally posted by xtremeroswellia at Introduction.
Welcome to help_superrobyn!

This community was created on June 16, 2011, to raise funds to assist super_robyn's upcoming trip to New York City. For those of you who don't know her, super_robyn just turned 23, and has been battling osteosarcoma since she was diagnosed in 2007. She has been receiving chemotherapy for four years, as well as experimental cancer trials, and has had limb-salvage surgery on her left shoulder. The cancer spread to both lungs. After multiple surgeries over the years to remove the cancerous spots, her doctors decided the best option was to remove her right lung entirely, which was done in December of this 2010.

Five months later, doctors discovered that the cancer has now spread to her remaining lung. Her oncologist informed her that they are nearing the end of treatment options, and that the goal now is to keep her as pain-free for as long as possible.

One of the things that Robyn has always wanted to do is to go to New York City, and she and her sister are planning a trip at the end of July. The goal of this community is to help pay for that trip, much like the Make a Wish Foundation (which Robyn doesn't qualify for since she is over 18), but similar to the methods of help_japan and helpthesouth auctions.

Your mods are: xtremeroswellia, vval, speedstergrl5 and muses_circle.

Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you know Robyn, or just want to leave her some encouragement! :)

If you have questions about the community in general, please ask them here.


Arrival. With speedstergrl5.

Oliver looked around the clock tower penthouse as he set down his suitcase. He'd paid a great deal of money to have all of their things moved and arranged ahead of time. Of course, knowing Mia, she'd probably rearrange everything herself anyway. He glanced over at her, raising his eyebrows.

"So what do you think?"