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Future Savior Verse.

Ten years into the future, Lea (unexpectedqueen) is almost ten, and her little brother, Noah (expected_queen) has just turned eight. Chloe and Ollie are still happily married, except they no longer live at the Watchtower, they finally bought a house once Noah was born and are still living in Metropolis. Chloe just met an eight year old Mia Dearden (lj user="need2speed">) and after realizing she was being abused by her dad and with Ollie's help, decided to help the girl.

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Other characters who will likely appear:

Clark Kent (notofsteel)
Lois Lane (dp_lois)
A.C. (ac_aquaman)
Bart Allen (fastestguyalive)
Victor Stone (vs_cyborg)


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