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Quiver Verse

Quiver Verse:

Is completely AU and more based on the Green Arrow comics. In this verse, Chloe and Gabe never moved to Smallville, she is 25 and is a Daily Planet reporter who decides to move to Star City when rumors about the Green Arrow keep making the news, she begins working for the Star City Gazette and makes it her mission to find out everything she can about Green Arrow and the man behind the mask.

Drinks. With chloeas.

Phone call. Starring chloeas and reporters_lane.

Masks. With chloeas.

First Date. With chloeas.

A Visit to Gotham. With neverontime.

Second Date. With chloeas.

Investigation. With chloeas, and neverontime.

Planned Parenthood. With chloeas.

It seems I have a fan. nuffsaid Entry.