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Metropolis Verse.


This verse begins post-Beast for Oliver. Chloe has killed Davis to protect Clark, and Oliver has disposed of the body and the evidence. Other stuff that is a bit AU: Chloe (played by chloeas) is still at the Daily Planet, along with Lois and Clark and Jimmy, Chloe and Jimmy never married, Lex isn't dead (Lex in this verse is played by no_roadmaps), Lana is still married to him (Lana in this verse is played by notyouranswer), and neither of them know that Oliver is the Green Arrow. However, Lana does know about Clark. Update: Lana has now learned that Oliver is Green Arrow.

Oliver is unaware that Lionel had his parents killed.

As of August 22, 2009, Oliver and Chloe are dating.

It has also been revealed that Oliver went to Excelsior with Bruce Wayne (neverontime), and that they were pretty good friends. They recently met up once more, and are renewing that friendship. Neither of them know about the other's superhero status, however.

Updates: On Christmas, Oliver gave Chloe a collie pup which they named Mocha.
As of New Year's Eve, Chloe and Oliver are engaged.

If you'd like to leave feedback about this universe to let us know how we're doing, you may do so here.


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Back Again. Fic tying up the Tina storyline, written by looklikeyou

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Tequila. With chloeas.

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Friday Night. With chloeas.

Intimate Conversation. With chloeas.

Breakfast. With chloeas.

Dinner. With chloeas.

Vacation. With chloeas.

A Hitch in the Plan. With chloeas and fastestguyalive.

Long Nights. With chloeas.

Little Distractions. With chloeas.

Reunion. (Note: Oliver does not appear in this scene, it's Chloe and Lois. But they talk about him. :-p) Starring chloeas and reporters_lane.

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Date. With chloeas.

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Davis is alive. SWS Entry featuring chloeas and davis_dooms

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Scars are Souvenirs We Never Lose. With chloeas.

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