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Savior Verse.

Savior Verse.

Description: Set six months post-Doomsday, Oliver and Chloe attempt to deal with the fallout of their actions over the last year and a half.

Update: On Christmas, Chloe and Oliver learned (with the help of Clark and his x-ray vision, that they are having a girl.)

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Damned. Chloe POV, fic.

Demons. Oliver POV, fic.

Surprise Meeting. With chloeas.

Sleeping Dogs... With chloeas.

Possible Awkwardness. With chloeas.

Scare. With chloeas

Underground and Undercover. With chloeas.

Back in...Green. With chloeas.

Pizza. With chloeas.

The Longest Night. With chloeas.

Routines. With chloeas.

Untitled. With chloeas.

All These Things That I Have Done. With chloeas.

Confrontation. With chloeas.

The Blur is Back. With chloeas.

Phone Call. With lucytroublelane.

Reunion. With chloeas and lucytroublelane.

Surprise. With chloeas.

We Used to Be Friends. With chloeas and thekentboy.

Waiting. With chloeas.

More Surprises. With chloeas and dremilhamilton.

Til Kingdom Come. With chloeas.

A New Beginning. With chloeas, and thekentboy.

Call of Duty. With chloeas, ac_aquaman, fastestguyalive, and vs_cyborg.

Back to Work. With chloeas.

Returns. With chloeas, ac_aquaman, fastestguyalive, and vs_cyborg.

Late Night Meetings. With thekentboy and chloeas.

In the Spirit. With chloeas and vs_cyborg.

Season of Miracles. With chloeas, thekentboy, and morevoices.

Catching Up. Between chloeas and dp_lois.

Meeting with chloeas, thekentboy, and dp_lois.

Quiet. With chloeas.

A Family Christmas. With chloeas, vs_cyborg, ac_aquaman, thekentboy, dp_lois, and fastestguyalive.

Surprises. With chloeas.

Good News. With chloeas.

Quick Talk. With chloeas.

Fear. Between chloeas and war_juststarted.